My current daily planning strategy (free PDF)

By Nate Dodson

rewards of productivity


I have really gotten in the groove of my new morning routine.  It’s great to wake up and know exactly what to do to get your day started right.

It all starts with a 4-item checklist on my Productive Day Doc.

The first task is drinking a cup of water and doing a 10-minute yoga flow.  I generally just focus on breathing and doing basic yoga poses and sun salutations.  I just do what feels good and don’t push it too much.  For me, this is a great way to warm up my body and wake up my mind.

I then brew up a cup of good tea or heat up a cup of bone broth and sit down with my journal for 15 minutes and just write what’s on my mind while I sip my hot beverage.

I always set a small digital timer for the times I’ve outlined for the tasks.  And I highly recommend not using the timer on your smartphone as this will entice you into opening up email and throwing your whole routine out of whack.

Next comes daily affirmations.

I’ve written down my favorites in a notebook and I’ll usually pick two of them, repeating them out loud and with conviction.  Really driving the intention deep into my being.

After that’s finished, I’ll take my supplements (probiotic, high-vitamin/fermented cod liver oil blend, vitamin D, and B-complex), which I always follow up with a snack to slow the absorption of the vitamins.

Now my checklist is complete and I’m ready to shift my focus to my projects.

Each day I decide to only focus on one project from about 8am-2pm.

So I take out my project binder and decide what I’m in the mood to work on that day.  These days my options are my web marketing company, etsy business, or online content creation business.

So I write out what my focus will be and what one task I want to focus on as well as a backup task once I finish that one.  If I complete them both, I move on to whatever other tasks need done.

Now the morning section of the Productive Day Doc is complete.  Time to get to work.


At 2PM my alarm goes off on my phone reminding me to take the Doc back out and complete the afternoon section.  I fill in the two sections regarding how I did on my tasks and any other constructive bits about my productivity, then move on to another 4 item checklist.

First I spend 5 minutes to update my project binder, then set my intention to eat healthily for the rest of the day (very important to me as food is my only “medication” for Crohn’s disease).

Next I clean the house for 30 minutes and then sit down to meditate to 10 minutes.

After that I fill in the section about what sounds like a good, enjoyable way to spend the rest of my day.

And that’s it!  DONE! SUCCESS!

What else?

I also use the upgraded version of the iphone app Alarmed to ding every hour of the day from 7am to 9pm as a way to reminding me to take a few deep breaths, correct my posture, and just become mindful in general.  It works very well, I absolutely love it.

I’ve also got a basic nightly “wind down” routine, though its all in my head instead of on paper.  Italways  involves shutting down electronics, and may of may not involve lighting up some candles, playing some good music, reading, discussing life with my wife Michelle, cuddling with our dogs, light stretching, or taking a epsom salt bath.

Click here if you want to download your own copy of my Productive Day Doc in Word format.

Photo is of me and my dog Trey reaping the rewards of a productive week.

Do you have a daily routine?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments.








Exactly What You Should Be Doing

We humans do a lot of stupid things that don’t really matter.  Stuff like this:

  • We buy tons of clothes so hopefully we will look cool.
  • We spend hours a day checking out pictures of our ex-boyfriends sister’s aunt on facebook.
  • We wash our car every week because it makes us feel good.
  • We watch hours of tv on hulu because that’s entertainment.
  • We subscribe to 100 blogs because consuming sure beats producing.
  • And we submit resume after resume to job postings on craigslist because we’re hoping that maybe the next job will make us happy.

Well, your wasting your time.  These are activities of the unremarkables.

Who cares what people think, get a life, torch your car, read a book, unsubscribe, and quit your job.


  • thrive with 5 really nice, classic outfits
  • cancel your facebook account….like right now
  • buy a bike or let zipcar wash your wheels
  • go seek adventure, real life adventure
  • unsubscribe to this blog
  • start a business of your own

You are creative as hell.  Your brain is extremely powerful.

Are you seriously going to use your power to create a legacy of good facebook relationships and a clean car? Or would you rather create a legacy of adventurous living and meaningful work?

What else do you want to me to say?  Ohh, you don’t know how to get started.  Seriously?

  1. shut your computer
  2. turn off all the noise
  3. grab a pencil and paper
  4. write down how you’ll change the world for the better
  5. work on that thing a little every single goddamn day until you die

Kiss your family goodnight and go to bed with a smile on your face, because now your doing exactly what you should be doing.