18 Strategies for Becoming a Minimalist

Written by Nate Dodson.

Our Minimalist Home

Your possessions own you, you don’t own them. Getting rid of all the crap that is cluttering your life and mind brings freedom.  The major burdens of cleaning, maintenance, moving, and purchasing begin to fade.

Are you ready?  Because it’s time.  Time for you to become a minimalist.

Time to take charge and decide on a strategy for getting rid of your stuff.  Here are 18 different strategies/ideas you can employ to begin getting rid of your stuff right now:

  1. Move into an RV
  2. Move into a smaller house/apartment
  3. purchase a tiny home or build your own
  4. Go backpacking/couchsurfing for a year, sell everything that doesn’t fit in a backpack
  5. Have a huge yardsale
  6. Learn to travel the world with no luggage
  7. Put everything you want to keep in one room in your house, then take a couple weeks to get rid of the rest of the crap
  8. Move across the country without renting a moving truck
  9. One room at a time
  10. Burn everything in a bonfire in your backyard
  11. Sell valuable stuff on ebay, donate the rest
  12. Take the 100 things challange
  13. Put everything in storage for a year, go get something if you REALLY need it – after one  year get rid of the rest of the stuff
  14. Throw a huge party, let everyone take something home they like
  15. Become a digital nomad location independent lifestyle designing nunomad
  16. Get rid of one thing a day for a year
  17. Start with furniture, go from there
  18. Take my free Minimalist in a Month email course

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