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Exactly What You Should Be Doing

We humans do a lot of stupid things that don’t really matter.  Stuff like this:

  • We buy tons of clothes so hopefully we will look cool.
  • We spend hours a day checking out pictures of our ex-boyfriends sister’s aunt on facebook.
  • We wash our car every week because it makes us feel good.
  • We watch hours of tv on hulu because that’s entertainment.
  • We subscribe to 100 blogs because consuming sure beats producing.
  • And we submit resume after resume to job postings on craigslist because we’re hoping that maybe the next job will make us happy.

Well, your wasting your time.  These are activities of the unremarkables.

Who cares what people think, get a life, torch your car, read a book, unsubscribe, and quit your job.


  • thrive with 5 really nice, classic outfits
  • cancel your facebook account….like right now
  • buy a bike or let zipcar wash your wheels
  • go seek adventure, real life adventure
  • unsubscribe to this blog
  • start a business of your own

You are creative as hell.  Your brain is extremely powerful.

Are you seriously going to use your power to create a legacy of good facebook relationships and a clean car? Or would you rather create a legacy of adventurous living and meaningful work?

What else do you want to me to say?  Ohh, you don’t know how to get started.  Seriously?

  1. shut your computer
  2. turn off all the noise
  3. grab a pencil and paper
  4. write down how you’ll change the world for the better
  5. work on that thing a little every single goddamn day until you die

Kiss your family goodnight and go to bed with a smile on your face, because now your doing exactly what you should be doing.

Systemizing & Optimizing Repetitive Tasks

I have a 2 year old dog named Trey.   I’d say Trey is a pretty happy dude and one reason is probably because he eats pretty darn good food.

You see, after having the dog for about a year, I started to notice that we would run out of dog food and it would cause us to have to run to the store just to get said dog food.

I also began to realize (from observing my wife shop) that the price of the food in the grocery store doesn’t reflect the quality so much as that particular brands advertising budget.

So I systemized and optimized.

I went online and did some research into what makes the “optimal” dog food and then I spent about an hour locating one that met my new standards for quality, was convenient to purchase, as well as affordable.

I found one that met all the requirements and purchased a 3-month supply.

Once Trey cheerfully approved, I went into my Google calendar and set a reorder reminder in 2.5 months and every 3 months after that.

Now life is good – for me and the dog.

We always have a supply of high quality food and the only work involved is a one minute amazon checkout process every 3 months.

(In case you have a dog and are wondering, HERE is the one we choose)

Adopting it as a rule

My life has been much improved by adopting this routine.   I have basically added it to my standard operating procedures and thus far have experienced only amazing results.

And so far it seems like optimizing then systemizing can be done for about any repetitive task in your life.  We have applied it to our diet with amazing results, which made a huge impact on my health and happiness levels.  I’ll probably share those details with you in a later blog post.

As of now, anytime I notice a new repetitive task entering my life I ask, “How can I make this task painless or even enjoyable?”

I grab my notebook and go to work.